Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We're just got back from playing futsal at Sport Arena, its just opposite our office in SME 2 building. We have planned this since about a week ago, it'll be great to have some activity atleast once a week and futsal is quite a good choice. Quite tired it is, but its fun!
Nine of my colleagues come to play, 4 of them is Iranian, and 4 of us from indonesia, other 2 is from China and Malaysia, so almost like Iran vs Indonesia, and after that I know why Iran can get through to the world cup and not Indonesia... wehehehehe... their stamina mann.. fiuhh (or is it my stamina is the problem wahahahah), anyway, I got my team mate 3 Iranian, and 1 Indonesia, so its 5 by 5. We win! hahahah..

*don't know why, my eyes got so itchy and its getting big now.. crap.

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