Monday, April 06, 2009

KL Design week 2009

KL Design week has end their events last saturday (march, 4), I managed to visit few places where the exhibition was held. I went to the Capsqure and KL tower on saturday, march 28 with Adhee n family, also Jerry-Bhegi, creative Indonesian couple work in Perlis and two of their team mate, after we arrange an appointment in KLCC. And then its only me went to the national Art gallery on the weekend afterward on Saturday, 4th of April which is the last day. There are other few places also, but those are mainly for conference which we must order a ticket first, and my decision to see only the exhibition.
As I mentioned in my previous post, this events participant is not only local Designers - professionals and Degree show-, but also International designers such as Stefan Sagmeister, David Carson, Chris Bosse, Aya Kato, and many others. The fact is I'd enjoying more the exhibition if it's held in one place, rather then I have to travel few places. The events is under our expectation, But I won't complain about this and that further more, since I consider my self lucky be able to see what others haven't... :)
These are few shot I took from the event, sorry it's not detail and bit blurry... Enjoy!

Thats Adhee, my team mate @office.

One of the Young tiger/degree show corner

I really hope GOD answer my pray to have one of those Graphic tablet thing :)

David carson

The art of Aya Kato

Art & Sound by Dual City Session

This is studio 4degree which has made lot of animation movie.

Well, thats all I can get guys. Thx.


yunusismail22 said...

Its a really invaluable moment Deny, went to one of the BIG design event for this year in KL.

denote. said...

Indeed yunus!! Glad finally seen great artworks from great artist, and I'm still in love with that graphic tablet.. haha

JoHAN.k said...

graphic tablet rawk! hahaa

denote. said...

bentul jo.. total rawks! :D

Anonymous said...

wah pameran kayak gini ga ada di Indonesia nih...apalagi kampus g...-,-