Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What a lucky day, she found unopened can of coke. "I can drink this, yaiy my lucky day..." her mind sounds cheerfull. From a far distance, suddenly she saw someone's running to her and yelling her name. She's confused, wondering who could that be, it was her first time came to that junk area. She can not see the person's face also because it covered with scarf. But it's definetelly a boy.

It's amazing how by looking at artworks from other people, stimulate and inspired us to draw more. After my ritual browsing activity last night, which I bump into soo many many crazy works on the net, I start drawing and grabbing my pencil color, where it was the first time I'm using it after I bought it about three month ago.

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Yunaidi Joepoet said...

keren sekali graphicnya :)
salam kenal