Sunday, July 18, 2010


The Mono

The above is a view from KL Sentral Monorail station, I went to KL downtown last Tuesday to do some stuff regarding my tax as a worker here, from Cyberjaya I took a bus. Based on the info I got, the tax office is reachable by walking distance from a monorail station called Maharajalela. So I jump off the bus in KL Sentral station and continue by monorail. Sketching while waiting.

Back from the tax office, I'm heading to KLCC, where the famous Petronas Twin Tower is. There's an exhibition of Malaysian child book illustrator in Petronas gallery on 3rd floor. Spend quite times enjoying the great arts in the gallery, then I went out to the park side of the area, try to find a good spot to view. It's a bit cloudy, but it's hot also, I'm drawing and sweating, but enjoyed it though.

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